Centrum celoživotního vzdělávání Experimentální univerzita pro prarodiče a vnoučata Klub aktivního stáří Klub vzájemného porozumění Cestování Trénování paměti

Experimental University for Grandparents and Grandchildren



Ing.Dana Steinova

Head of Center of Lifelong Learning which is an independant educational body located in Prague, the Czech Republic.

The very first university for grandparents and grandchildren was organized in co-operation with the  Faculty of Mathematics & Physics of Charles University in the school year 2004/2005. This intergenerational educational project made it possible for grandchildren between 6 and12 years old and their grandparents to study together in University premises. Later the project was carried on in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry of the Czech Agricultural University and the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University.In 2009/10 the Experimental University returned back to the Faculty of Mathematics & Physics of Charles University in connection with the International year of Astronomy. 2010/11 was all about Egyptology in co-operation with the Czech Institute of Egyptology and grandchidren enjoyed turning themselves into mummies with the help of toilet paper or feeling like the ancient tomb robbers during their summer camp.The school year 2011/12 was devoted to Meteorology and Climatology and the Faculty of Mathematics & Physics which was doing its best to explain to the participants how the weather forecast is done or where wind comes from.

In the years 2012/15 the project moved to the Agricultural University and the subject was: People and animals, about relation between human beeing and animals, what role animals played in people´s lives from the early times up to the present time.And it was followed by „Forest and Landscape“.

From 2015/16 the project has returned to the Faculty of Natural Science of Charles University with „Geographical explorations“ and continues in 2016/17 with „Protection of environment“.

Grandparents and grandchildren  work together as a team, helping  and advising each other. Grandparents are enjoying the role of advisers and grandchildren are becoming  acquainted with the prospective subjects for their future studies. Lectures  take place once a month on Saturdays under the guidance of  University lecturers and which are adjusted to the needs of their young listeners. There are also summer camps taking place during the main vacations. This project not only expands the horizons of grandparents and grandchildren but also builds a platform for the reinforcement of their mutual relationships and development of mutual respect.


Dana Steinova is a founder and organiser of this project of intergenerational co-operation

Experimental University for Grandparents & Grandchildren is a part of the Center of Lifelong Learning in Prague with enrollment of over 3.000 students,ma­inly seniors

Dana Steinova is also a head of EURAG Memory Training Center in Prague,

EURAG Secretary General and a head of Prague Senior Council